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Girls Just Don’t Do That

College is a time when most girls begin to come into their own. Discovering friendships, self-worth, and sexuality. College can make or break you…easily.  Delia, Shavonne, Jayne, Tracy, Stacy, and Kendall are all juniors at UGA; and are all destined for world shattering self-discovery. Based on the bestselling novel by Natalie Simone.

3030 Season 2

3030 takes places in Sin City; Las Vegas, Nevada. Coined as the “Adult Disneyland” Zola Carter (protagonist) moves back to begin her new life after her divorce from her wife of 7 years.  The majority of the show will take place in the home of Zola’s best friend of 20 years Tyler Smith.  In addition […]

Never Forget

In the summer of 2008 five girls made a promise that nothing would come between their friendships.  Bianca, Autumn, Briona, Nika, and Talia five young girls from the same neighborhood in Plainfield, NJ made the promise on the night Bianca’s parents told her she would no longer be attending the public school she’d been reared […]