Never Forget

July 2, 2021. by

In the summer of 2008 five girls made a promise that nothing would come between their friendships.  Bianca, Autumn, Briona, Nika, and Talia five young girls from the same neighborhood in Plainfield, NJ made the promise on the night Bianca’s parents told her she would no longer be attending the public school she’d been reared in.  In the shadows of one of the most dangerous projects in Plainfield the girls found themselves at a homemade tattoo shop.  As each of them, only ten years old, took their turn getting nothing more than a small forget-me-not flower on their right hip bone, the girls cried and chanted “We will never forget”.  Six years later and it is summer again, and the tattoos are just a reminder of the bond they had then.  When Bianca returns to the public school system she finds that the bond they had then may not be broken, but it has been tarnished.

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