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Redeye (Book Two in the No Other Man Three Part Tragedy), the highly anticipated second novel by Author B. Danielle Watkins catches up with Dainelle and Lance four years after their tragic wedding day.  Dainelle has moved to Los Angeles to start anew, while Lance has remained in North Carolina trying to find his way through life.

While in Los Angeles, Dainelle finds new a new love, Hendrix, while trying to adjust to her new life with her lesbian roommates, Salina and Jarvis.  New love cannot overcome old feelings, when Lance begins showing up in Dainelle’s dreams.  With her new lifestyle, and new boyfriend Dainelle soon learns that she can’t run from what she truly loves.  While trying to fight the demons of her past, she is faced with issues in her own home.

Ironically, at the same time that Dainelle begins to dream of Lance, Lance begins to embark on a new relationship of his own.  With the encouragement of his mother, and against the wishes of all of those around him, Lance decides to walk down the aisle yet again with the savvy and strategic Cael.

Everything comes together at the Homecoming 2012 football game when Dainelle and Lance are face to face for the first time since their wedding day.

With new characters, new issues, and the same underlying ideal of lies, deceit, and paranoia, Redeye (Book Two in the No Other Man Three Part Tragedy), is a story about destiny, and fate or the lack thereof.

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