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Forever Your Girl (Book Three in the No Other Man Three Part Tragedy) is the chillingly epic conclusion of the breakthrough romance fiction series by acclaimed author, B. Danielle Watkins.  Taking place abruptly where the previous novel (Redeye) ends, follow Watkins’ beloved star-crossed characters as they attempt to piece back what’s left of the relationship lost in the original “No Other Man”.

Dainelle and Lance have come together to rekindle a fire that has burned strong for the past four and a half years.  While making plans, their respective significant others have plans of their own.  Hendrix, though oblivious to Dainelle’s indiscretions wants to work through their trying relationship, while Cael refuses to let Lance go without a fight.

Drama and conflict never seem to be far when Dainelle is involved, and new decisions shed light on the old adage “What’s done in the dark comes out in the light”.  A shockingly braver Lance, on the other hand, is spending his time preparing for a future where he believes “the best is yet to come”.

Forever Your Girl (Book Three in the No Other Man Three Part Tragedy) is sure to leave readers breathless with a familiar pattern of lies, deceit, and paranoia as they follow Dainelle and Lance for the last time in the final contest of love and life, or the lack thereof.

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