Coming Soon Novels

The Alysé  Diaries Vol 2: Promiscuous

Sentury’s career is in full swing.  She holds a BS from Montana College, and a Masters from Nevada School of the Arts both for event planning.   She is single and she is ready to mingle.  Still considering herself straight despite her various affairs she finds herself leading two lives, and stretching herself thin in the midst of it all. Sentury will carry on several dual relationships with men and women during this 5 year period.  Her best friend LaTrice Davis will be physically introduced though she was mentioned in Volume 1. Men and women alike flock to her, and she never turns down a good time. She will deal with 2 main men and 2 main women whom will be named.  All of the rest of her affairs, much like Volume 1 will be secretive in names, but nick name assigned. Sex and partying pushes her straight into the 30 club igniting her desire for more.


The Alysé  Diaries Vol 3: Transcendence

Sentury is at a cross roads in her life.  She has grown up, and no longer demands approval.  Her once undercover ways of lesbianism are becoming more and more visible, and she has fallen in love with a woman.  Sentury has been in love before, but the love that she feels for the new woman in her life is something different (The woman is Sony’s top Marketing Executive Siobhan Rei a Japanese/Black stud). Sentury has to make a decision that will forever affect her life, career, and family dealings.


The Alysé  Diaries Vol 4: Relinquish

Sentury makes the decision that a life with Siobhan is what she wants, while coming out of the closet to her closest of friends and family, losing her position, and pursuing a discrimination case against her company.  Siobhan will make a fool is Sentury and leave her to deal with all of the repercussions of her decisions on her own. Depressed, single, unemployed, and alone Sentury will over dose on sleeping pills accidentally, leaving nothing but her diary to explain her ultimate demise.